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American University-Kay Spiritual Life Center

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American University-Kay Spiritual Life Center

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American University

Spiritual Space

Kay Spiritual Life Center

Work Type

Multi-faith Center


North end of the central quadrangle, Washington D.C.


Dedicated in 1965


A circular building with narrow stained glass windows of abstract design (representing the Creation, no iconography) and wooded pews, raised platform (altar). Has a pipe organ in the main chapel. Used for worship, lectures, and musical performances. Religious Life groups that use the center include: Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish (including Hillel), Islamic, and Unitarian Universalist.

Seating Capacity

300 in main chapel, Kay Lounge seats 30 in circle of chairs, 60 for theatre, 20 classroom; kitchen accommodates 100.

Other Spaces in Facility

Kay Lounge for events, lectures and services. Two meditation chapels, a sacristy, and storage for altar furnishings (all on casters). Muslim Prayer Room in lower level of Kay Center. Kitchen on site.

Religious Life Staff


(c)American University

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American University



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