Titus in Triumph

Arch Titus Passageway Titus in Triumphal Chariot

Arch for Titus , detail of the passageway relief with Titus in Triumph

Among the many sculptures that adorn the Arch for Titus, there are two interior panels depicting the triumphal procession that occurred in 71 CE after the Romans’ victory over Jerusalem in the Jewish War. The first panel depicts Titus riding his chariot victoriously through the city and the second panel shows the Roman soldiers parading around with various spolia, or spoils, from the war. The figures in the panels are aligned so that they seem to walk in the same direction. This orients viewers as they pass through the arch as well, effectively immersing them in the imagery of the triumphal procession. The first panel makes clear that the triumph is honoring Titus, who is being crowned by the winged goddess of Victory. Additionally, Titus’ figure rises above all other mortals. The stylistic element of placing a figure higher up in the relief draws viewers' attention and indicates Titus' importance.