The ashes of Hadrian and his wife Sabina, as well as those of Hadrian's children, were interred here. Subsequent emperors, their wives and immediate families also had their ashes deposited here. The last recorded emperor was Caracalla in 217 AD. The inscriptions on the Mausoleum record the names and titles of those who were interred here. 

Over the entrance door on the southern face of the tomb are inscriptions set up by Antoninus Pius in honor of Hadrian and his wife Sabina. The inscriptions in a band on the lower half of the wall of the square base (to the right of the entrance) read from left to right:

"Antoninus Pius
 M. Aurelius Fulvus
 M. Galerius Aurelius Antoninus
 Aurelia Fadilla
 T. Aurelius Antoninus
 T. Aelius Aurelius
 Domitia Faustina"
The inscriptions on the left side of the entrance read: 
"L. Aelius Caesar
 L. Verus"

Pius' wife, Faustina the Elder, and his three children M. Aurelius Fulvus, M. Galerius Aurelius Antoninus, and Aurelia Fadilla were interred here. Marcus Aurelius himself and his three children T. Aurelius Antoninus, T. Aelius Aurelius, and Domitia Faustina were interred here.1 




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